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Cheers Friends...

            ...Ok!  Maybe the photo is a little bit much but what is better than having a glass of prosecco and shopping for furniture.  Taken at the Restoration Hardware - State Street Chicago location - I could seriously just spend the day there - so fun, inspiring but financially dangerous.. eek.     This photo perfectly captures my current life vibe  - I'm urban empty nesting and loving every minute folks.  


My name is Tracy and I am embracing this fun new lifestyle..  No weepy sadness "miss the kids" here.  Nope! I am a big believer that change is good.  It can invigorate you.   With that in mind and on a whim, the hubby and I sold the big suburban family home for two small ones back in the city, a vintage 1913 Chicago bungalow and a new construction studio condo in Toronto.  On top of that,  I finally opened a little vintage shop and design studio I always dreamed about.    It's been quite the adventure but it's all good people!!!  Gotta go for it!!!


This blog is just me living my best life, sharing some silly wisdom I've learned along the way and finding joy in the things that inspire me - interior design, urban architecture, vintage decor, cocktailing, travel, music and a sharing a good laugh and good times with my bestie- the hubby, my awesome family and super cool friends.  


I'm living an @urbanemptynest life and it is good!

My Quirks &


Guilty Pleasures 

  • You can take the girl out of Canada, but you can't take the Canada out of the girl

  • After a cocktail or two, the words "eh" and "y'all" become a part of my vocabulary and "sorry"... I am Canadian after all.

  • Big time hockey fan here.  

  • Instagram addict - some of my design faves - Studio McGee, Jean Stoffer Design, DeVol Kitchens, Semihandmade Doors

  • I'm Ikea obsessed and can seriously pull off a mean #ikeahack 

  • I have a bit of a thing for hats- rarely leave home without one

  • I have a purse dog and she is my everything 

  • An old-fashion is my latest cocktail of choice

  • Nothing compares to cottage life in Northern Ontario... it's my happy place - on the dock, by the lake with a minty Mojito of course

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