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Logan Square Love

We had a such a fun evening exploring the Logan Square neighborhood.

I can not get over the beauty of Logan Square Boulevard, so wide and full of greenery. Not something you normally see in a big city. The Boulevard is lined with greystones, vintage apartments, quaint cafes and coffee shops. We bopped around to three restaurants and bars for nibbles and cocktails.

First up, the newly opened Merchant. Great interior space with a great vibe plus a comfy and spacious patio overlooking the square. The menu was delish - something for everyone. We cozied up to the bar and had the potato tacos (sounds weird I know, but were so yummy) and the fiery Manhattan. The spot is definitely worth a try.

It was such a beautiful night se we walked up the street and enjoyed the weather on the patio of Azucar Tapas and Cocktail Bar for a summery Sangria, croquetas de pollo & homemade chicken empanadas. Food was excellent and the price can't be beat for this trendy neighborhood.

Next stop - Longman & Eagle - the hubby literally died and went to scotch heaven.

Seriously the selection is almost overwhelming with a liquor menu the size of a bible. So if Scotch is your thing, this is a place for you. Word of caution, with awards and accolades out the wazu, the place is busy and they do not take reservations. As usual we enjoyed a cocktail at the bar but plan to go back for dinner, and yes, we will wait. We may even sleep here... yes people, they offer rooms starting at only $95 a night. And they are oh so cool with an urban vibe. - Consider this a hotel alternative if you are ever visiting amazing Chicago. Heck, we may even plan a Chicago Staycation.

While I love the eats and the drinks, the neighborhood for me is all about the architecture. And it happened... I fell in love and found my dream home. Seriously, the home stopped me in my tracks. The photos do not do her justice partly because the owner of the home was sitting on his front porch. I felt a wee bit stalkerish. I told him I absolutely loved is home. Jokingly he asked, "do you want to buy it". I replied, "not sure I can come up with a couple million dollars in the next day or two. wink" He told us he purchased the home 40 years ago while in college. I'm kicking myself for not being a little bit more forthcoming and asking for a tour. Is that bad? Kinda creepy right? He was super proud of his home, I could tell... I may have to walk by again soon and invite myself in and let him know so many of you are curious about the house as much as I am. I would love to check out the interior detail. My gut tells me so much of the historic details have been kept intact. From the outside it is a classic two flat, but it is massive. Each level alone I would guesstimate is over 2,000 square feet. It sits on a huge double lot with am immaculately landscaped side and backyard. Even the garage I am swooning over. She's the one... my dream home. I will sneak and take more photos of her soon. Check for posts on instagram... stay tuned.

Logan Square - I love ya... Amazing neighborhood. We will be back. Friends - check out the hood.

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