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Blogging - I'm back at it.

Blogging is tough, so a big shout out to all of the amazing bloggers out there that make it your living. It's been over a year since my last post. Not going to lie. I am feeling a little guilty but have to remind myself I opened a new business - Bespoke - a vintage shop and design studio a little over a year ago, so I have been just a wee bit busy. That's another story for another day. But it is now time to get back to blogging so I have started this dedicated site and a brand new instagram account- @urbanemptynest.

So what's this all going to be about you ask? In short, the hubby and I are relatively new empty nesters. On a whim and because we think change can be good and healthy, we sold the big house in the North Shore Chicago suburbs and bought two small homes in the city - a 1913 vintage Chicago bungalow and a teeny studio condo in the heart of the entertainment district in downtown Toronto. We are having the best time, living smaller, simpler, cocktailing, dining and discovering all that city life has to offer. This blog and instagram account will journal the design of our two new little abodes plus will highlight my love for urban architecture, vintage interiors plus the design challenges and upside of downsizing and living small. Join us as we explore and discover new neighborhoods, lounges and restaurants in two of the best cities in the world - Toronto & Chicago.

You can catch up and read my previous posts (there aren't many - haha) about our Chicago move and why we picked the little neighborhood - Mayfair Park. From here forward, I will fill you in on all of the remodel details and show you how we turned our vintage bungalow into a swanky condo alternative. It's pretty cool if I must say so myself. Plus, literally today, August 8th, we are flying to Toronto to take possession of our new construction 400 square foot studio condo in the heart of the entertainment district. It needs to be decorated top to bottom and being so small it will have unique design challenges. It is going to be so much fun but I will need to be creative and think outside of the box to make it feel homey and spacious - that will be tough. It's brand spanking new and I have already told the hubby we are doing a small remodel. He's not surprised and questions my need to make changes to a new space, but knowing him, he is going to like my plans. I can't wait to get started.

Cheers peeps!

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