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Holy Moly people

.... this is my first blog post and I'm freaking the "you know what" out. Nothing a glass of prosecco can't cure but it's intimidating and scary as hell. First because I follow so many amazing and inspirational bloggers, I thought, how can I measure up? Second, I don't consider myself a writer so have always hesitated. I'm more of a visual hands-on creator. Don't get me wrong, I'm big on communicating... but prefer talking over writing. But here I am putting myself out there. Word police, please be nice. Fellow bloggers, mad respect to you, please drop me a note with blogging tips and constructive encouragement.

There has been lots of big changes for me over the last year. With both boys in college the hubby and I decided to shed the big house in the North Shore Chicago suburbs and bought a fixer upper in the city. At the same time we bought a pre-sale condo currently under construction in our old home town, Toronto, Canada scheduled to be complete May 2019. Add to those big changes and projects, I have taken a huge leap of faith and pursued a dream, opening my own interior design and home decor shop in our new Chicago neighborhood. Phew, life has been busy yet energizing. And to top it all off... I'm turning 50 people. The big 50 this August. It snuck up on me fast and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It is just a number I keep hearing. But it's a big one for sure and I think maybe a wee bit of the driving force behind my big lifestyle changes. I wouldn't call it a midlife crisis. More of a re-alignment to prioritize the things that make me happy. Life is short and my goal is to enjoy every minute of it, doing the things I love with the people I care most about. This blog will be my creative outlet to share those loves - interior design, historic architecture and all things vintage - furniture, clothes and jewelry. Join me as I discover new Chicago neighborhoods, restaurant and bars and rediscover Toronto, the city that will forever have my heart. Follow along as I renovate our 1913 Chicago bungalow and design our Toronto condo featuring interior styling tips and DIY projects. Plus, if in Chicago, please, please, please come visit me at my little vintage shop and design studio in North Mayfair.

Cheers friends... I'm now a blogger!

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